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SD Life brings together its customers with quality products prepared by expert chemists and unique formulas…

Aloe Vera Gel EN

Aloe vera gel increases the elasticity of your skin, giving it a young and healthy appearance. This gel, which is easily absorbed with its light texture, deeply provides the moisture your skin needs and smoothes your skin. At the same time, it evens out skin tone and prevents a dull and lifeless appearance.

temizleme jeli EN

Purifying Cleansing Gel erases the tiredness of the day from your skin with light touches. Its rich formula deeply cleanses the dirt on your skin with its gentle cleansing feature. Thanks to the special ingredients it contains, it revitalizes your skin and gives it freshness. With its light and refreshing texture, it gently cleanses your skin and opens the pores.

Aydınlatıcı Leke kremi EN

Brightening Blemish Cream offers your skin a perfect color balancing and blemish reduction solution. Its rich formula brightens your skin while equalizing skin tone and lightening blemishes. Its light texture, which is quickly absorbed, helps reduce the appearance of blemishes while moisturizing your skin.

Canlandırıcı Tonik EN

Revitalizing Tonic offers an elegant touch of freshness to your skin. It revitalizes your skin by gently tightening the pores. Its lightweight formula provides instant renewal, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

Güneş Kremi EN

SD Life Sun Cream protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun while easily penetrating into the skin with its light formula. While providing strong protection, it moisturizes your skin and fights the signs of aging. Enjoy the sun safely.

Kayısı Peeling EN

Apricot Peeling carefully purifies your skin and gently removes dead cells. Its unique formula refreshes and revitalizes your skin, giving it a natural shine. Explore again with the freshness on your skin.

Pantenol EN

Panthenol Cream deeply moisturizes and renews your skin. Its strong panthenol content supports the skin’s natural barrier and reduces dryness and irritation. With its light texture, it is instantly absorbed, provides softness and flexibility, and helps you achieve healthy skin.

Sıkılaştırıcı EN

Firming and shaping body cream, with its powerful formula, tightens the skin and emphasizes contours. Its light texture penetrates deeply into the skin, increasing elasticity and providing a solid and beautiful body appearance.

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